Our mission is to transform the daily grind into daily joy

We do this by offering a holistic approach to digital transformation and creating meaningful work environments.

Why we are here

We strive to create a more human-centric, empathic and pragmatic working mode to enable people to focus on things that matter and use resources in a meaningful way.

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Our leaders

Stefan Haberberg Front

Stefan Haberberg

As a Digital Innovator and Strategist Stefan is excited about using technology for doing the right thing at the right time. After years of being more in the technical areas, he now enjoys bringing his creativity to the strategic level to make a company fit-for the digital age.

Karin Hochsticher

Karin Hochsticher

As Culture Shifter and Structure Creator, Karin is passionate about influencing corporate cultures for the better. By creating a value driven environment, with trust and respect at the center, we create a highly successful environment where both people and productivity are thriving.

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